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South Africa is a large country, with a big diversity of geographical areas, landscapes, people and cultures, places of interest, wildlife, cities and town, and more. So the focus always is to capture this variety on offer, at the right time of the year to maximize the guest’s enjoyment of the trip. Tours are planned to ensure guests not only see, but also experience South Africa.

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The HOLA tradition and well worked tours are our main guiding principles.

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Johannesburg city Day Tour


Johannesburg City Day Tour

Established in July 1886 and only due to the largest ever discovery of gold in the world, Johannesburg tells a story of wealth and poverty, of people from all walks of life coming to find wealth. This is the city of contrasts. Catz Tours focus on the history of Johannesburg, the finding of the gold and the people that makes Johannesburg so unique.


Pretoria day tour


Pretoria city tour (full day)

Pretoria is one of the three capital cities of South Africa and the seat of government administration. (Cape Town is the legislative capital and Bloemfontein the judicial capital) it is a modern city built on the wealth of the Cullinan Diamond mines.



During August and September, the region of Namaqualand and the West Coast transforms into a kaleidoscope of colour which is brought on by the wildflowers of the area after the winter rains. The trips are real speciality trips, designed to visit many of these wonderful sights.

Hogsback & Cradock

The trip covers some of the most beautiful and lesser-known parts of the Eastern Cape. It is one of the best routes to enjoy the remote mountains and passes and is part of South Africa’s hidden gems. Add to this some historical and charming towns and places of interest, and you will see why this trip is a wonderful journey not to be missed

Addo & Bedford

This trip is designed for persons to visit the very popular Bedford Garden Festival, which is only held for one weekend per year. The festival’s aim is for visitors to experience world-renowned country gardens, as well as pretty town and township gardens, to enjoy scrumptious food and wines, and visit the craft stalls. The festival is during springtime, so the scenery all along the route will be very colourful.